Foundations: Lifetime Access to Insights from 100+ Great Books

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Five years ago, I started devouring books. I've read 200 books since then, and it's easily the best decision I've ever made.

For each book, I took detailed notes to retain the key insights of my investment in reading. These book notes have become my foundation for life. They remind me about how to live, lead, succeed, and be a good person. 

I want you to be able to use these insights to improve your life as well, so I’ve created Foundations, a growing digital notebook with lessons from 100+ timeless books.

How will Foundations be useful to you?

  • 🚀 Quickly skim key takeaways before deciding if you want to buy a book.

  • 📚 Find books and insights that help you solve a problem.

  • 🤓 Learn new principles that will help you sound smarter and live better.

  • 🧠 Remind yourself about lessons from books you read a long time ago. 

The best part about Foundations is that it grows and evolves over time. Every month, you will get access to new books and summaries. As your life and needs evolve, you’ll find new value in the resource. You pay once and you get lifetime access.

What does the product look like?

What types of books are Foundations?

Most of the books are non-fiction books that span across 14 different categories, including Business, Philosophy, Personal Growth, Investing, Psychology, and more. A few of the books you will find are When Things Fall Apart, The Lessons of History, The Obstacle is the Way, Ender's Game, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, The Life You Can Save, The Ware of Art, Shoe Dog, When Breath Becomes Air, Barbarian Days.

What do other people think about Foundations?

Steph Smith, Executive at The Hustle: "Foundations is my go-to resource for finding and learning from timeless books. Calvin does a phenomenal job of distilling key insights from books into lessons that you can use to improve your life and business."

Dror Liebenthal, CEO of "I buy 50+ books a year. Often I'm just hoping a book will be good. Foundations is the roadmap I was missing."

Darshan Desai, CEO of Plan: "Foundations has helped me to grow as a leader. For the books that I've read, it provides me with key learnings in an easy to consume format that's organized and insightful. Calvin does a great job of finding the few important insights from books."

Why should I learn from your book notes?

  • I read most books with the intention of finding the most useful and helpful insights. Basically, I'm a nerd who enjoys distilling large amounts of information into easily digestible lessons that you can apply to your life.

  • I've been sharing insights online for many years. Over 1.2 million people have visited my personal blog, and nearly 5,000 people trust me in their inbox every Sunday.

  • Instead of spending thousands of hours reading and buying the books yourself, you can use Foundations to more quickly understand the relevant takeaways.

  • I add additional insight to key lessons from books by applying what I've learned from visiting nearly 50 countries while building a career that includes time as an M&A investment banker, a growth marketer at various startups, and years of writing and podcasting as an online creator.


How much does Foundations cost? The current price for Foundations is $25. The price will increase to $50 once there are 150 books in the database.

How will I get access to the product? Once you purchase Foundations, you will receive an email with access to the product within 24 hours.

What if I don't like the product? If you purchase Foundations and don’t find that it’s worth your money in the first 30 days of using the product, I will happily process a refund for you.

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Get immediate lifetime access to this growing digital notebook with notes & lessons from timeless books. I will update Foundations every month with the latest book notes, which you are free to use in the ways that are most helpful for your life.


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Foundations: Lifetime Access to Insights from 100+ Great Books

7 ratings
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